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 Kent, Ohio.
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Finest Quality Custom Woodworking.            Custom Handmade Furniture Building,            Restoration and Repair.            Woodcarving,            Wood Sculpture Hammerbrook – City can this really be true?
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Woodcarving       Click on any image to see larger view and description
detail of Seated Girl - ash
 Standing Woman - butternut Seated Girl - ash
Tall Pregnant Woman - Walnut
Very Tall Pregnant Woman - Basswood Mask 1 Western Red Cedar
      Two views Cherry Canada Goose
             Three views- Girl putting on a sock
Seated Woman Relief - Mahogany

      Walnut Canada Goose - two views

   Seated Woman - Basswood

Seated Woman Relief - Basswood

Mask 2 Western Red Cedar
Seated Woman - Walnut - two views

Bald-headed Woman in Flight - Basswood

Butternut crouching woman

  Mask 4 Western Red Cedar
Oak Coat of Arms Totem Pole - Basswood Crouching Woman - Cherry

Woman walking on beach - two views
Pregnant Woman - Walnut
Mask 3 - Western Red CedarMask 7 Western Red Cedar
Standing Woman - walnut-sawsall Neighbor woman - clay - started 1994 - still unfinished
Mask 6 Basswood

Butternut seated woman
self-portrait - basswood pregnant woman #2 walnut alaskan politician Walnut contemplating woman - Walnut totem pole - basswood Dancers - walnut and basswood
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