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 Kent, Ohio.
Stephen M Downey
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I’ve always liked to make things out of  wood . In my early 20s I made musical instruments, and pieces of  basic furniture. In my later 30s I became interested in woodcarving.  I began building  more ambitious  furniture around 1987.

I like combining ideas that seem compatible to me.  I like
things to be beautiful, and I like them to work.  Please look
 around  the site.  I hope you’ll like the work you see here.
smd at the ballgame
smd fiddling   smd - 2012  carving the whale

 Over the years I’ve worked at many kinds of jobs. I've framed houses,  done electrical work. I've built and repaired musical instruments.  I've worked on fishing boats in Alaska and I was also a professional musician for many years.  Whatever I've done, I’ve  almost always been self-employed.  I've always liked making things I haven’t made before.  
If there is a project I could  make  for you
please contact me.

Thank you for looking.
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