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As must be apparent from the rest of this site, I build a variety of projects  from wood. The process always begins with someone thinking of something they'd like to have made for them. Design Usually  comments and revisions go back and forth several times before we together arrive at a plan for what they have in mind.

laptop desk drawing
Design for computer desk Fine Woodworking steps plan
  When a potential customer contacts me I ask them to describe what they have in mind, and if they have any pictures or drawings of similar things. After some discussion, I draw something on my computer and email it to them. My ability to work with 3D CAD helps in taking an idea from something imagined, to something visible. 
        pine dresser drawing -partial         In the course of working up the design, a possible price range is discussed as we move forward, and as changes are made this range flexes up or down accordingly. If you have a wood project in mind please don't hesitate to email me at the address in the "Contact" section. Located near Kent, Ohio. U.S.A.

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